What people say about working with me…

I came away from the workshop with my energy high, my intentions forming in a more clear, concise fashion which, as day became evening, shot into clarity. 


Colleen’s workshop was amazing!  Her positive energy, enthusiasm and great attitude were infectious.  I highly respect her and her work and recommend her seminar to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.” – Rena Tuttle, Certified Professional Life Coach, Lighthouse Coaching, LLC.


At the milonga tonight, I danced more than ever before, I felt like I danced better than ever before…and it was all because I was approaching it with a different story: as an exchange of gifts, and trying to be present in the connection.  Thank you!!!!


I lived with Colleen and her family and watched her with her children day in and day out, behind closed doors.  Her three children are very bright and full of life.  I believe that was largely the effect of living in a home where people were valued and joyful experienced were a daily occurrence. 

Colleen became a mentor to me, and I believe I learned much of what I needed to know to be a parent myself.  She has a passion for life and is a joy to be around.  When you combine her love of children with her vast domestic abilities, and add really exceptional people skills, you have a recipe for an amazing “life-experienced” coach.


Thank you so much for the wonderful positive energy you brought to each of us on Saturday morning.  Your personal stories really brought home several key points to me about making the choice to be positive and keep working from that space.  I truly enjoyed every minute and I am sure I will be attending more workshops in the future.   

Nancy T.

Colleen is energetic and fills a room with positive, fun energy.  She has wonderful stories (testimonies) to share in order for a woman to see how she can change her life.  A wonderful seminar that should not be missed.


First, you are an outstanding presenter.  I was the Training and Communications Manager at Hewlett Packard for a while and have observed many trainers as well as have delivered many trainings myself so I am qualified to say you are GREAT! 


I wanted to tell you a cool story from the night after the workshop.  I went to the West Coast Swing dance and put what I learned in the workshop into practice.  I made more eye contact, improved my posture, tried to be more present, and most of all I left my baggage at the door.  (Well, actually, I decided to put it in my shoe bag when I change into my dance shoes!  It’s a symbolic physical act that helps me psychologically make that transition.) 

I had a great night with lots of really connected dances, and as I was about to leave an older couple sitting near the door called me over.  I had never met them, although I had seen them at many dances.  “Who are you?” they asked, because they had never noticed me before.  We began talking.  They both thought I was 15 years younger than I really am.  The man, Michael, said I had a certain beautiful way about me and that he would really like to dance with me next time.  We chatted for about 15 minutes and by the end of that time I had made some new friends. 

 I have to say it was a very unusual interaction, but extremely positive, and I truly think it had everything to do with me making a shift that night. 

It’s a perfect example of how changing one thing (my mental attitude, in this case) can change all three (I looked more beautiful, my spirit soared, and people noticed!)