“Take The Lead I”

Now booking for Saturday October 27,  2:00 – 5:00

A fun and informative workshop for women desiring to enhance their partnering skills on the dance floor. It is not necessary to be a dancer to benefit from this workshop. Invite your dancing and non-dancing friends alike.

When we step through the doorway of a dance hall, it is not just our shoes and skill level that enable us to create a beautiful dance. Our attitudes and expectations come along for the ride and quite unconsciously, move through us with every step. We will also explore how balance, strength and connection are interwoven and how to use them in creating the experience you desire, not only on the dance floor, but also in life.

Come prepared to take notes, move about and participate in a 3 hours of personal, life affirming work. You will leave standing taller, smiling broader and ready to step onto the dance floor and SHINE!” Join Colleen Suzanne as she combines her love of dance with her skills as a life coach and encourages women to “connect” on the dance floor and in their daily life.

At this workshop you will learn:

  • Exercises for a core strength, balance, connection and rhythm.
  •  2-minute daily investment with GREAT returns!
  • How our thoughts and attitudes make a difference in our dance experience.
  • One thing we can to to “shift” a dancing experience, in a moment.
  • What women want from their lead.
  • What men appreciate in a follow.
  • BONUS: All the concepts are totally transferable to take off the dance floor and apply to everyday life!

Location: The Polish Library, N. Interstate Avenue

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