One to one Coaching

As your Coach, I will act as your personal, confidential, high accountability cheerleader who is committed to your success in helping you realize your full potential!

We will work together to overcome obstacles inhibiting your success. One on One Coaching usually happens over the phone, in one hour, weekly sessions.

As your Coach, I will ask you powerful questions that will help you focus on what is most important for you right now, support you in taking action, and celebrate your success. If you are thinking about exploring changes contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to explore the possibilities.

Colleen became a mentor to me, and I believe I learned much of what I needed to know to be a parent myself.  She has a passion for life and is a joy to be around.  When you combine her love of children with her vast domestic abilities, and add really exceptional people skills, you have a recipe for an amazing “life-experienced” coach.