About Me

My story begins with my mother, whose creative spirit inspired fun and adventure in my young life. As a student, then teacher, then wife and mother, I took what I had learned early in life and applied it to the daily challenges of raising a family and caring for a home.

Then… as happens in life… things change and you find yourself living the unexpected. It is how you live into your life at these times that I want to help you discover. It’s true… life is what you make of it, and what you make it is up to YOU!

Given our freedom to choose, we get to decide what we want to create and how we want to be in every moment and with every decision. I want to help you see choice in places you see none and to help you reconsider how you leverage your life experience in ways that propel you forward.

This journey begins with personal wellness and self care. Wellness is considered a state of good health… achieved as an actively pursued goal… So yes, we are here to work beyond today to develop and maintain a practice of behaviors that reinforce how to leverage your greatest asset (you!) to your and others happiness and well-being.

Hours of Dancing

Children Raised

Parachute Jumps